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Graphic Design


Introducing a Filene's New Approach to Research​

Using typography, illustration and informational motion graphics, this video helps introduce a new way of looking at the way Filene does research.



The following includes Happy Home Lifestyle, a pitch for a logo to capture the peace and magical feeling of having a home you love for a lifestyle blog.


Botany Logo

Botany is a resource that makes gardening accessible to those just starting their garden. The final design, process sketches, and research are displayed below.

The mood board on the bottom right suggests different shapes for plant tags to ensure the logo will sit comfortably within that shape. Also suggesting to the client the creative types of eco-friendly business cards to consider, and things the logo may be embroidered on, like gloves, or a hat.


big. bright. minds. 2017​​

I was responsible for establishing a look that aligned with Filene's big.bright.minds. event located in Austin, Texas. Given the copy 'Kick up some dust' I designed a typography treatment and color scheme to be carried out among the signage, invitation mailer, presentation slides, phone app and more.


Avoiding Age Steryotypes

Working on a project with age groups, it's easy to fall into common age stereotypes. For this project, the problem we encountered was to portray different age groups without using a character that would segment us in a male, female, young, old dilemma. To solve this I explored the image of George Washington, our first president, but also most commonly known as the face on a quarter or dollar bill. What did George Washington look like as a young adult? What details of his profile would change as he aged? This is the exploration I encountered for this project. I strived to keep the head looking much like what we associate with the image on the quarter. ​